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Home Inspection Checklist

Here are some of the following services that we perform:


The home’s entire electrical system is reviewed in our home inspection service, including examining the wiring, testing the outlets, and checking the electrical panels. In our electrical inspection and testing, we will also check to make sure that there are ground fault circuit interrupters, especially in areas of the home where water is present, like the bathrooms and the kitchen. A thorough inspection of the electrical system may find issues that could lead to a fire, so this is particularly critical.


The term “HVAC” stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. We will inspect the furnace and let you know it's age and condition. We will also examine the central air conditioning system and see how well it is working. In addition, your home inspection will include a look at the ventilation of your home to see how well the ducting works, as well as checking out the insulation.


In our structural inspection, we will examine the framing to let you know if your house is structurally sound, or if it needs work. This is particularly important in areas susceptible to hurricanes, tornadoes or earthquakes. Our home inspector will look for signs of distress, such as damaged or weakened framing and worn or rotted floors.


If there is a leak in the roof, you will first notice it in the attic. We will examine this in our attic inspection and view the floor and stairs to make sure they are sturdy. We will also check any crawl spaces to make sure they are safe and secure.


In our interior inspection, we will examine the basement and then follow a system throughout each floor in the house. The system for inspecting the interior is to start with the floor, move to the walls and then the ceiling, and then check any electrical appliances or any other objects in the area. We’ll move from room to room, always in the same direction (counter-clockwise or clockwise) so as to not neglect any areas in the house or apartment.


As part of our home inspection services, we will inspect the plumbing system in a home and take a look at the condition of the pipes to see what they are made of, what shape they are in, and whether they are insulated against cold weather. In our plumbing inspection, we will also check for leaks in places like the bathroom and the kitchen and test the water shutoff valve to see that it works correctly. We'll also check the water pressure.

Water Heater

Without a water heater working correctly, you will be taking lots of cold showers. In this water heater inspection, we will examine its condition letting you know how old it is and what kind of shape it is in.

Roof Inspection

In our roof inspection services, we will look at the roof to see how sturdy it is, the quality of the materials and when it may need to be replaced. In the roof inspection, we will also look for signs of leaks or wear and tear, as well as check the condition of the chimney.


This is one of the most important areas of the inspection. In our foundation inspection, we will check for water damage, cracks, settling points and other possible issues that could be a problem.


The exterior of the house embodies many elements. The method for inspecting the house consists of the main structure, or simply sub-components which make up the entire exterior. Diagnosing these problems can help prevent potential damage on the outside, but also the inside of your home if those issues are not looked at right away.

Wood-destroying Insects (Including Termits) and Grounds

Termites and other wood-destroying insects can be doing real damage to the home and you may not even know it. We do a visual termite inspection to check and make sure there is no wood-destroying insect infestation. This free termite inspection can save you a lot of heartaches, in the long run.

Please Note: This home inspection checklist should not be used as an inspection report, nor should it be considered a replacement for an actual home inspection. The inspections at Mill River are tailor-made depending on type and size along with other factors that go beyond this checklist.  If you require a home inspection, please contact us today for more information.

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