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 When it comes to home inspections in New York State, there are, of course, a huge variety of properties involved. Anything from a deluxe duplex to a small vacation home to a typical suburban house may need home inspection in New York, NY.

About Mill River in New York

New York Credentials

Our company is certified and licensed for home inspections in the New York area. We have seen and done it all when it comes to home inspections in NY, and our expertise can help you when it comes to getting your home inspected.

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Reasons to get a Home Inspection

in New York


Getting your home inspected before placing it on the market can help you stand out, here's how! Having a home inspection done, can help you prevent any pitfalls from occurring during the sale. The seller also will be comforted with the knowledge that the inspection will reveal any hidden obstacles to the sale. This knowledge will give you the opportunity to re-evaluate your listing for a better value and position in the current New York market.





We provide realtors with fast, accurate, and thorough inspections. Mill River offers 24/7 support to answer any questions during the selling or buying period. Learn why we are the best in the field. 


Buying real estate is one of the most important decisions a person can make in their lifetime. It is essential to find out if there are any issues with the property before ending up with an expensive headache. The buyer may also need to know of potential safety issues in the home. The results of our NY State home inspection can provide buyers with the confidence needed to make an informed investment.

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Counties Served


New York County

Westchester County

Some of the cities we serve include: Manhattan, Brooklyn,  Bronx, Queens, and many more.

Some of the towns we serve include: South Salem, Chappaqua, Bedford Hills, Briarcliff Manor, White Plans, and many more.

Putnam County

Orange County

Some of the towns we serve include: Kent, Carmel, Patterson, and many more.

Some of the towns we serve include: Woodbury, Cornwall, New Windsor, West Point, and more.

 What sets us apart when it comes to inspectors in New York?

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We have over three decades of experience working on homes in New York (NY) State. This allows us to see any issues or concerns you may have with your (potential) real estate transaction.


We write clear and thorough reports. You will be able to easily understand what the report means from the photos and detailed comments. If you have any questions regarding the inspection, feel free to ask us.


We pride ourselves on being a good communicator throughout the home inspection process, explaining everything you need to know throughout the inspection.


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